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Welcome to Artchetype.

This website was created to showcase my portfolio and to possibly find a career in this field.


About the Artist

Welcome to my site. My name is Bob and I live in the greater Chicagoland area. I’ve been in IT for about 25 years, but was always interested in animation.  As a hobby, I have been hand inking and painting various animation cels for over 15 years.  This includes using Adobe Photoshop to create the backgrounds as well as mixing the acrylic colors to be used.  I’ve done over 100 different ones, but most of these have been Disney related.   In addition, I have done a number of cels which were inspired by the various Star Wars weekends (Disney) drawings and animations.  I have also done a few Multi-level animated comic covers over the years.  Unfortunately, a picture doesn’t do them justice, since the multiple levels really do enhance the comics display.  My other interests include running marathons /half marathons (I ran my 20th marathon in October – below are some of my favorite marathon medals) and collecting various Star Wars items. Ultimately, I would like to make this hobby into a full time career, so if you have any ideas or comments, they would be appreciated.

Below is a picture of me working on my latest creation:

Here are some of my favorite marathon medals: